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Digital Marketing Solutions for Canadian Automotive Dealers

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Uniquely Tailored Digital Campaigns To Meet Your Business Needs

Business needs are constantly changing and your advertising partner should approach campaign management the same way. Whether it's search advertising on Google or Bing, dynamic retargeting on Facebook or display ads on Google. Get your vehicles or service in front of in-market audiences that will convert, and help boost your business!

High Performance Digital Ad Campaigns

Drive high-intent traffic to your website & maximize your ROI through a variety of dynamic & AI-driven campaigns.


Meta Advertising
  • Dynamic Carousel Ads
  • Competitor Retargeting
  • Retarget Existing Audience
  • Real-Time Advanced Analytics


Google Ads
  • Dynamic Inventory Search Ads
  • Retargeting Display Ads
  • Powered by Artificial Intelligence
  • Vehicle Listing Ads


Microsoft Advertising
  • Dynamic Inventory Search Ads
  • Retargeting Display Ads
  • Powered by Artificial Intelligence
  • Low Competition = Better ROI

Reach In-Market Consumers With Search Engine Ads!

Be top of mind for consumers who are looking to take action on Google or Bing - with ad creative that drives traffic and an intent-based keyword strategy

Keyword Targeting

Precise keyword targeting allows us to utilize your budget effectively by only driving traffic with a high chance at converting. We tailor the keyword strategy to your business, target area and demographic.

Dynamic Search

We’ll utilize your vehicle listing pages to create ads that match up with in-market shoppers. This method increases visibility of your individual vehicles, drives extremely high-quality traffic and helps generate more leads

Vehicle Listing Ads

Drive qualified leads straight to your website with Google Vehicle Listing Ads. Get your inventory seen at the top of search results as users are shopping!


Performance MAX

Unleash maximum reach with a fully AI-driven campaign, designed to target all touch points through a user’s journey on Google or Bing. Optimize ad delivery across Google's vehicle listing ads, search ads, display ads, and even YouTube - maximizing your audience reach.

Display Ads

It sometimes takes more than one interaction to convert a customer. With our retargeting strategy, we reach existing customers with tailored carousel ads – based on the user behaviour

Increase Inventory Leads With Meta Advertising

Target in-market shoppers based on a variety of factors that drive traffic to your dealership website and convert them into customers.

Dynamic Carousel Ads

Showcase your inventory based on user interest and behaviours. Using first-party data, we will reengage users that did not convert with personalized ads – driving further traffic back to your website.

Lead Generation Ads

Integrate on-facebook forms & your CRM with easy and volume-driven lead forms designed for maximum results. We use ‘proven to convert’ ad creative to ensure your ads are as successful as can be!


DealerEdge+ helps used & new car dealerships across Canada by supporting their business goals through tailored and flexible automotive digital marketing campaigns. 

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