Facebook Marketplace Update

Facebook Marketplace to Discontinue Automatic Vehicle Listings from Inventory Partners

Facebook recently announced that it will be discontinuing the marketplace inventory partner program at the end of the summer.

What does this mean for Carpages Dealers?

Carpages will continue to send your inventory to Facebook Marketplace as normal until September 13th. Afterwards, your Carpages ads will no longer automatically load in the Facebook Marketplace. However, we will continue to feed inventory to the “vehicle tab” on your Facebook Business Page, as well as to the Facebook Catalog so that you can quickly and easily run your own Facebook Ad Campaigns.

Other ways to reach buyers on Facebook

While listings from partner catalogs will no longer be displayed on Marketplace, you can continue reaching vehicle buyers on Facebook in the following other ways.

Click Here for full details from Facebook

IMPORTANT: The automated partner syndication to Facebook is stopping for all companies worldwide. Please be wary of any company claiming they will still automatically feed your inventory to Facebook Marketplace.